Hello, fellow foodies!

The last four weeks have been the most intense of my university life. I can finally say that as of Monday I will be done with my degree and done with university. I can’t wait to be a graduate and have time to blog again. Here are my top recommendations of the week, they’re going to include some of the best places I have eaten at over the past month. Enjoy!

The Orange, Chelsea

English classics with a twist


Rabbit pie with asparagus. This dish was rich and tender with articulate presentation, far more artsy than your standard steak and ale!


Tender lamb rump with potato puree, new season onion and wild garlic. This was my dish, I’ve never had pink lamb before but it was beautiful.  


I wish I had picked this! Gnocchi with smoked garlic cream. Rich and heavenly.

Il Borgo, Kensington

A slice of Italy in London, the wall art and fish tanks will keep you looking around the room, rather than your phone!



After craving gnocchi since visiting The Orange, I had to have the gorgonzola gnocchi at Il Borgo. Definitely worth a visit just for this.


Calamari will always be a personal favourite, especially when served with aioli.


Laduree, Covent Garden

Macarons are a food of the gods, the vanilla and salted caramel ones blew me away! Thanks to my bestie for getting me these for my birthday. Macarons used to scare me because I thought they were all marzipan flavoured for some unknown reason, but low and behold they’re not, and they’re awesome.



Pix, Soho

This is something for a fun Friday night. Instead of going out for a normal meal, go to Pix in Soho and pick and choose exactly what you want to eat, the tapas style portions are so much fun and it’s great for sharing and conversation!


With the same idea in mind as Yo Sushi, you pick as many tapas portions as you want and pay at the end. Tapas with the long sticks are £3.50 and small sticks are £2.50. It’s easy to rack up a big bill in here if you aren’t watching what you are doing, so be careful!



The truffle oil, artichoke and parmesan toast were my favourite, closely followed by the prosciutto and quails egg. This is a great spot for people who love picky food or just want a light dinner.

So there we have it, those are my top foodie picks from the last month. I hope I’ve inspired some of you to visit these places, because they were all to die for.

Happy Friday!

Sunday is always my favourite day of the week for exploring London. There’s an abundance of things to do and places to see, plus it’s often a little quieter than on a Saturday. My Sunday cost just £30 for three wonderful little meals and some eye-opening sights along the way.

There’s nowhere better to admire the beautiful architecture that London has to offer other than the borough of Kensington & Chelsea. The Boltons and Launceston Place are just a few of my favourite areas for walkabouts in London.


Lexham Gardens



Launceston Place

A late breakfast happened at Sweet Things in Notting Hill. I walked from Kensington and it was around a 45 minute walk. The onion marmalade & cheese toastie (£4.85) was perfect for an indulgent Sunday breakfast. You can choose your own fillings and mix & match.


Next, I got the Piccadilly line down to Leicester Square and walked to Covent Garden. Neal’s Yard is a beautiful little hideaway full of colour and cafes.


After this I stopped for lunch at Wildwood Cafe, minutes away from Neal’s Yard. Sundays are never very healthy days in my opinion so if a roast isn’t on the cards…something else equally as naughty probably will be!


The cheesiest Americana for under £10

After this I walked on up to the British Museum. Like many of the museums in London it’s free, so instead of splashing the cash on the Cinema or even vegging out in front of the TV like any other day, why not experience some cultural history at no expense to your wallet.




The British Museum offer scones (£8.50) and an lovely selection of cakes…in my opinion there is no better day of the week for scones and prosecco (£7.50). After all of this, I caught the tube home and curled up on the sofa with a glass of Malbec…Perfect!

I hope you all had a lovely Sunday! Comment on what you guys got up to 🙂

Night two of the Valentines weekend happened at the Ivy on West Street, the original Ivy!


After dismissing that anything could beat the sublime views and outrageous menu at Duck & Waffle, The Ivy swooped in and proved me wrong.


Strawberry Daiquiri 

I absolutely loved the Art Deco decor inside The Ivy. I felt as if I had been catapulted back to the 20’s and 30’s.

We started off the evening with cocktails at the bar.


For starters, we both had poached egg with hollandaise. The decadence of the decor even spread into the food. It was by far the richest hollandaise I’ve ever had, I felt guilty even eating it but I’ve never had anything like it.


My main was a lovely squash & kale risotto. The kale was crispy and dry and incidentally tasted exactly like the ‘crispy seaweed’ that is usually found in Chinese cuisine – which I love. The risotto had the beautiful twist of added gorgonzola which made the dish.


The “Chicken and Chorizo Hotch Potch” was a lovely hearty meal, packed full of flavour and spice. I felt like I’d been transported to a little tapas bar in Spain.


We can’t forget the sides! This is something that could easily be made at home and I think I’m going to have to. Blue cheese, avocado and spinach salad – three of my favourite things.


Valentines Day isn’t Valentines Day without CHOCOLATE! This chocolate parfait was actually so good I started laughing midway through eating it because it really was conjuring up so many happy emotions. Even thinking about it right now is making my mouth water slightly and yes, that is pistachio ice cream on the side *drool*.


A “Malted Milk and Honeycomb Delice with Caramel and Cocoa” was the last dish of the night. It’s safe to say I went straight into a food coma after this meal. I have to thank my boyfriend for this amazing weekend and dinner out!


I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day! Comment below with your favourite dish that you ate this Valentines Day, whether it was pizza with your friends or even a healthy home-cooked meal, I’d love to know 🙂


It’s 10pm on a cold Autumn night and I’m walking around Soho, I’m suddenly stopped in my tracks, first of all, by the sight of a crepe maker in a shop window (heaven), followed further by a colourful array of gelato at the back of the shop. All of my Summer memories from Florence came flooding back to me in an instant! I gawped through the window only to discover churros (also heaven!), waffles and cakes too.

That was it, I had to go inside.


I headed here after a light dinner, however it’s never the wrong time of day to go for ice cream, or the wrong season – there’s a growing trend in London for swapping dinner and drinks for puddings, and why not. For pure indulgence I had the Nutella filling with white chocolate sprinkles (£4.70). I have to say it was completely worth the calorie content. You can add a scoop of ice cream and an array of toppings.

Check out the crepe and waffle menu here.

There’s a couple of tables to sit down at but not many, so you may want to take your pudding away and go for a stroll around the West End while you munch.

If you really don’t want to leave the warmth of your bed but you are now dying to try Scoop, you can have gelato from Scoop delivered to your home by Deliveroo.

If you want to visit:

Covent Garden Branch – 40 Short’s Gardens,
WC2H 9AB London

Soho Branch – 53 Brewer Street,
W1F 9UY London

South Kensington Branch – 16 Old Brompton Road,
SW7 3DL London

Opening Times:

June to August
Mon – Sun 12:00 – 24:00

September to May
Sun – Wed 12:00 – 22:30
Thu – Sat 12:00 – 23:30

Take a peek at the website:http://www.scoopgelato.com/index.html