thumb_IMG_9143_1024Okay, maybe Tuesday doesn’t really count as mid-week but once I heard “2-4-1 cocktails from 5-11pm on Tuesday,” I was sold!


The Light Lounge is a stones throw away from Leicester Square and serves some seriously delicious cocktails.


My personal favourite of the night, a Heart-breaker (£10.00).


The cocktails are unbelievably refreshing here and complimentary snacks with drinks will always puts a smile on my face.


A Bianchissimo (£9.50)

There are happy hours going on all the time at The Light Lounge but head down on a Tuesday evening for all night 2-4-1 drinkies if you just can’t wait for the weekend!


If you want to visit: The Light Lounge, 1 Newport Place, London, WC2H 7JR

Take a peak at the website:

Night two of the Valentines weekend happened at the Ivy on West Street, the original Ivy!


After dismissing that anything could beat the sublime views and outrageous menu at Duck & Waffle, The Ivy swooped in and proved me wrong.


Strawberry Daiquiri 

I absolutely loved the Art Deco decor inside The Ivy. I felt as if I had been catapulted back to the 20’s and 30’s.

We started off the evening with cocktails at the bar.


For starters, we both had poached egg with hollandaise. The decadence of the decor even spread into the food. It was by far the richest hollandaise I’ve ever had, I felt guilty even eating it but I’ve never had anything like it.


My main was a lovely squash & kale risotto. The kale was crispy and dry and incidentally tasted exactly like the ‘crispy seaweed’ that is usually found in Chinese cuisine – which I love. The risotto had the beautiful twist of added gorgonzola which made the dish.


The “Chicken and Chorizo Hotch Potch” was a lovely hearty meal, packed full of flavour and spice. I felt like I’d been transported to a little tapas bar in Spain.


We can’t forget the sides! This is something that could easily be made at home and I think I’m going to have to. Blue cheese, avocado and spinach salad – three of my favourite things.


Valentines Day isn’t Valentines Day without CHOCOLATE! This chocolate parfait was actually so good I started laughing midway through eating it because it really was conjuring up so many happy emotions. Even thinking about it right now is making my mouth water slightly and yes, that is pistachio ice cream on the side *drool*.


A “Malted Milk and Honeycomb Delice with Caramel and Cocoa” was the last dish of the night. It’s safe to say I went straight into a food coma after this meal. I have to thank my boyfriend for this amazing weekend and dinner out!


I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day! Comment below with your favourite dish that you ate this Valentines Day, whether it was pizza with your friends or even a healthy home-cooked meal, I’d love to know 🙂


I kickstarted Valentines weekend with a surprise dinner at Duck & Waffle from my lovely boyfriend. Duck & Waffle is the highest restaurant in the UK, with stunning food to match the stunning views while you dine (not to mention it’s open for business 24/7).


Duck & Waffle

Upon entering the Heron Tower you are taken up a glass walled lift to the 40th floor. Spectacular views are there to greet you, but this might be a slightly “jelly legged” experience for anyone afraid of heights.

The menu is something a little bit different. You can order very small snacks, bread or small plates to start, followed by a main meal (many of which are to share).


Dinner with a view

The wine menu doesn’t come in cheap. We payed £56 for a bottle of Malbec but the average price, in my opinion, is around £50-60 for a bottle of wine.


The “stilton and onion jam bread”(£6) was INCREDIBLE. I was expecting the typical “cheese flavoured bread” with jam on the side, but oh no, this substantial portion of bread was oozing with stilton and still piping hot when it arrived at our table. A definite winner for blue cheese lovers.


This was followed by the gorgeous “Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes” (£11). I’m a big lover of artichokes but I’ve never had them cooked before. They carried quite a nutty flavour (probably accentuated by the toasted seeds) and they were delicious.


The last of our small plates was the divine “Angus Beef Tartare” (£11). Meals like this make me wonder how I was ever a vegetarian for four years (sorry to all you veggies). There’s nothing like rare steak. The “marmite egg yolk” in the middle was something a little bit different.


Continuing with the steak theme, we shared a “38 day aged 500g Angus bone-in Rib-Eye” (£40). I’ve always been fond of cabbage and bacon as a combination and the capers added a nice little twist. It was quite a fatty bit of meat, but packed full of flavour.


The winner for me has to be the dessert, the Dark Chocolate Sundae (£11). I’d normally opt for savoury over sweet any day but my main weakness is peanut butter ice cream. Want to know exactly what is in that mess? Think peanut butter, dark chocolate, caramel, brownies and some sort of crunchy granola at the bottom.


We finished off the meal (as if we needed more food) with a box of biscuits (£4).

I would definitely come back to Duck & Waffle just as the sun is setting for a very special dining experience.

If you want to visit: Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY

Take a peak at the website:

This weekend I decided to delve further Eastwards in search of a wonderful coffee house with a great brunch. Shoreditch is renowned for it’s urban, bohemian vibe and the younger crowd that it attracts.


Street art in Shoreditch

When I think of Shoreditch or the East as a whole, the words that come to my mind first are often ‘quirky,’ ‘hipster’ and ‘art.’ It’s definitely a more thrilling place to be for a twenty something year old Londoner – but on top of this, the food is generally cheaper.

‘Ozone Coffee Roasters’ on Leonard Street in Shoreditch is where I sat down on Sunday and had brunch.


As we waited for our table we watched the coffee roasting going on below


The decor inside is similar to that of many trendy restaurants and bars nowadays, with the interior pipes of the building protruding from the ceiling and copper/steel on show, adding to the urban vibe.


We were seated at the bar, so we were able to see our food being made. The chefs were all working exceptionally fast to keep up with the amount of orders coming in. One thing I wasn’t impressed with was to see one chef eating some of the ingredients every time he went to make an order of the pancakes – switching between putting your hands in your mouth and then on the customers plate isn’t hygienic or pleasant!


The only other qualm we had was with the size of the George’s latte, little too small for our liking. It was incredibly creamy and delicious – meaning the ungenerous portion was even more disappointing. Such a tease!


However, apart from these hiccups, my brunch was to die for. Ozone offer an all day brunch menu. For £11.50 I had the Eggs Benedict on Bubble ‘n’ Squeak with hollandaise and dill salmon which was the most expensive brunch item on the menu.

The “bubble and squeak” was deep fried potato balls covered in breadcrumbs with some peas inside. It was mouth-watering. Perfectly poached eggs and who would have thought to put fried potato balls with poached eggs?!


George had the ‘Eggs any style on The Dusty Knuckle seeded sourdough’ with herbed avocado as an extra for £9, which he also thoroughly enjoyed.


The service was friendly and laid back in Ozone, but who’s rushing around on a Sunday for brunch anyway? I’d definitely come here for the coffee if anything, which you can order to takeaway.

If you want to visit: 11 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4AQ

Take a peak at the website:

I have had the pleasure of being nominated for a “Liebster” award

liebsteraward-roses-tag1 by and a “One Lovely Blog” award 03-one-lovely-blog-award-badgeby

Both of these blogs are awesome and run by lovely people so go and check them out 🙂

These awards are great ways of networking and meeting other bloggers. The blogging community is a wonderful place to be and although I’m very new to it I am certainly having a fabby time!

If you are nominated for a “One Lovely Blog” award by me, these are the rules:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. List the rules.
  3. Display the award on your post.
  4. List seven facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate (up to) 15 bloggers for this award and comment on one of their posts to let them know you have nominated them.

So, I’m going to follow the rules of the “One Lovely Blog” award and list seven facts about myself.

  1. I can’t wear heels – not because I don’t like them but because I physically can’t walk in them. It’s a curse!
  2. My favourite country is Indonesia & my favourite cuisine is Indonesian.
  3. I’m obsessed with my dog Roley, he’s my best bud, here is is on his b’day.IMG_8454
  4. I’m a Divemaster and I love Scuba Diving.
  5. I have a boyfriend called George who attends many of my “blog purpose” meals and trips out with me.
  6. My favourite drink is red wine – especially Malbec.
  7. I played the violin for seven years.

Now here are my top 10 bloggers at the moment. These aren’t all food related, it’s a mix but they’re all great and worth checking out!



It’s not compulsory to participate but it’s a lot of fun and a great way to meet new bloggers. Have fun!