When I think “West End”, the hustle & bustle of soho and the theatre immediately come to mind. However, even though I’m partial to a show and a meal, I’ve never succumbed to the traditional “pre-theatre dinner”… until now. Like many people (I can imagine), I normally don’t like being offered a limited menu or eating at awkward times – but MASH completely changed this!


After watching the first half of The Cursed Child, we made our way to MASH on Brewer Street. If you’re a fan of double puns, you will love the fact that MASH stands for “Modern American Steak House”, on top of their infamous “mash potato with onion and bacon” on offer.


a sneak peak at the normal menu

We started with the salad and charcuterie to share (unlimited bread was also given to us). The salad was dressed deliciously and the nuts were honey glazed, a lovely surprise.


I chose the Uruguay Rib-eye and George had the American Steak. Even though MASH serve the finest cuts of steak such as Wagyu on their norman menu, we weren’t expecting anything special from the £22 two-course menu (when the average price for a London steak will cost in excess of £30). However, the American steak won me over! It was packed full of flavour and very tender, my Rib-eye was slightly fatty in some parts but generally an incredibly tender piece of meat. We sat there in silence, beaming from ear to ear, trying to make it last as long as possible.


The absolute highlight of the meal for both of us was the creamy spinach. I have never had anything like it. In many of the steak-houses I have eaten at, creamy spinach is normally a delicious wilted spinach, garlic and cream concoction. MASH, however, added cheese into the mix and it was almost impossible not completely inhale it. The portion sizing of the sides was suitable due to the richness of both the spinach and the mac and cheese, but this is one of the reasons I will definitely be heading back here soon! Two two-course pre-theatre dinners (at a reasonable time) in the heart of Soho and a bottle of wine (including service) came to £75, it doesn’t get much more of a steal than that.

Next time you’re thinking pre-theatre and you’re in the mood for steak, you know where to go!



It’s that time of year again.

The time of year when fad diets are plastered across media outlets across the nation for that one week holiday. The time of year when sunny weekends are spent in pub gardens or reuniting over a BBQ with the friends you see twice a year at New Year or in summer. The time of year that many people spend most of their year longing for, including me!

After finally finishing University, I headed to Croatia for a well-deserved break with my best friends.

In one week we packed in so many experiences. However, there is only one place to start;

The Old Town


Dubrovnik has gained popularity by being one of the filming locations for the popular HBO series, Game of Thrones. It’s easy to see why the producers chose Dubrovnik’s Old Town. The gothic and romanesque architecture combined with the quaint side streets that are littered with lanterns, restaurants and galleries exude romance and mystery.





Just a note on Buza Bar – the “bar on the rocks” that everyone will recommend to you if you go. For us, Buza Bar really wasn’t anything special. Its location was ideal, in The Old Town and just off of the Ancient City Walls overlooking the ocean. However, they weren’t serving any cocktails, any rose wine or any champagne, we only had a choice of beer or red or white wine which some may find quite limited. The wine was pricey and served in individual mini bottles with a plastic cup instead of straight from a normal bottle in a wine glass. I understand the safety of having glass near a cliff, but seeing as half of the seating isn’t even directly next to the view, it seemed like a rip off. Just a heads up!

However, there IS a bar with a sea view that I would highly recommend. The Cave Bar in Lapad was the highlight of my trip.IMG_5166

The drinks were the same price as Buza Bar (around £6-7) for a cocktail. However, the drinks were stunningly made and the views were incredible, additionally, the seating isn’t cramped together. The Cave Bar earns its name from the interior design of the bar, which is built inside a cave.


There aren’t many seats inside, but to be honest, we found it more rewarding to sit outside and just visit the interior to take photos.



One of our lovely meals out in the Old Town was in a square that we stumbled upon (a short walk from Buza Bar). There are many restaurants in Dubrovnik, I’d say 80% of the establishments in The Old Town were restaurants and bars, most offering seafood and pasta dishes. You’ll be able to find lobster and other delicasies in Dubrovnik if you do your research!




Calamari HAD to be done at least once on this trip (okay, it happened twice), nothing beats fresh seafood on holiday.


Top Beach Tip – Take waterproof shoes for the beach. I noticed sea urchins in shallow water often and most of Dubrovnik’s beaches are either pebbly or rocky, so beach shoes are definitely useful.

We managed to squeeze in a boat trip to the Elaphiti Islands, which many companies will advertise as the “three-island boat trip”.


In all honesty, if you are in a group or if you have the money to spend on a private boat, I would do that instead! We had a blast, but I feel like I have to warn people about cheap boat trips in case they feel disappointed. We visited Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep. Lopud is famous for its sandy beach, which is a rare find in Croatia. There isn’t much to do on Lopud apart from lounge around on the beach or visit the botanical gardens, but it’s definitely worth a day trip.


Lopud Beach

Copacabana Beach in Babin Kuk is a beautiful beach with views of the mountains, the scenery was by far my favourite. We also passed some tourist shops on the way to the beach with prices slightly cheaper than in The Old Town.


Copacabana Beach

Lapad Beach was on the doorstep of our accommodation. Next to the water, Lopud is lined with high-quality restaurants and rock platforms to lie on if you don’t fancy the pebbles. Moving away from the beach, you will find an extensive range of restaurants and bars – many of which are much cheaper than The Old Town.IMG_5035



Banje Beach is probably the most famous in Dubrovnik as it’s the closest to The Old Town. We enjoyed cocktails and food service to our sunbeds. As the day starts to end, the beach-goers head home as the bar turns into a popular nightclub.


Banje Beach


I hope I’ve inspired you all to visit Dubrovnik some day, it’s even a great place for a long weekend break. My next stop is Bali…Stay Tuned!

Where is everyone going on holiday this summer?